Punjabi Unlimited is an non-profit organization created in the Triangle area of NC to promote "Punjabism". 

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promotion/creation of a public awareness and education about Punjabi Arts, Culture, Sports, Language, Music, Dance etc. 

We welcome everyone who is a "Punjabi at Heart". 

Punjabi Unlimited is "Unlimited" in the true sense of the word. We do not limit membership to just people of Punjabi origin. This is meant to be a place holder organization for those who have the "Punjabi" spirit of living life to it's fullest potential !!

We envision having regular (monthly) get together with a group of friends playing Tambola (Bingo), singing desi songs on Karaoke Machines, playing charades with desi movie names and songs, playing antakshari etc. In short re-living all the fun that had in India along with the benefits of living in US.

Punjabi Unlimited aims to bring Punjab to life in the US starting with NC. We hope that you can all join in and celebrate life with us.  

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Contact us - info@punjabiunlimited.org


Geet Bazaar - 88.1 FM

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